Jambo jet now Flying to Wajir

Located in the North Eastern part of Kenya, Wajir is one of the oldest towns in Kenya. The town was established in 1912 due to its centrality to all major towns in the region.

Wajir gets the name from a Borana word that means ‘Coming together’ characteristic of the different clans and pastoral communities that used to congregate in areas around Wajir town to water their animals from the abundant and dependable shallow wells.

The scarcely populated town is strewn with vast plains and has high prospects of precious stones, minerals and oil.

Wajir from 14 Feb 2018

Jambo jet now Flying to ENTEBE

Sitting on the northern shores of Lake Victoria is one of Uganda’s major towns, Entebbe. In fact, Entebbe was the administrative capital between 1894 and 1962. It is 23miles (approximately 1hour) away from the current capital city, Kampala.

Because of its prime location, Entebbe is known for cotton, coffee, plantains, not to mention the various beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria. It is also the home of the only International Airport in Uganda.

Entebbe from 15th Feb 2018

Silverstone operating daily flights from Wilson to Lodwar from 19 Jan 2018

Kenya Airways now flying direct to John F Kennedy Airport in USA from 28th October 2018. Book your slot early as the flight is getting full.