Air Ticketing Terms and Conditions

Air Ticketing Booking Terms and Information

  • Always provide (send a copy of the passport or Travel document) theFull name as per the passport or Travel document, as name changes are not allowed once a booking has been confirmed.
  • All Airfares rates are subject to change without prior notice, any time before issuance of the ticket.
  • All Airfares rates are subject to change without prior notice, any time before issuance of the ticket.
  • Once we send you the tickets reconfirm your travel dates and names on the ticket to match your request and names as it is on passport.
  • Make sure you cancel all bookings that you will not travel on in good time to avoid no-show charges.
  • Cancellation fees and penalties are applied on a case by case basis as they vary from airline and fare level issued on.
  • Make sure you have your valid passport, Visa and Health Vaccinations for the country you are visiting or transiting.
  • Be at any airports for your travel at least 3 hours before departure for international flights and at least 2 hours for local flights.
  • Should you encounter a challenge while on your trip, please what’s up or call us immediately on +254720786348/+254733649245/+254707985782 to enable us offer you a solution.
  • For luggage, make sure you get proper information because some domestic carriers enforce a limited or no free luggage allowance.
  • Please request for a Rate of Exchange should you wish to pay in a different currency other than that on Invoice
  • We provide Visa services for selected countries; these are mainly those that do not require passengers to present themselves in person.
  • Please advise us on your meal and seat preference
  • Passports must be valid for at least 6 months prior to your travel.
  • Passports must have a full, clean visa page for endorsement
  • Reconfirm expiration dates on Passport and Credit Cards
  • Please save a scanned copy of your passport and credit cards in your e-mail (helps a lot in case of an emergency)
  • It is strongly advisable to take up travel insurance even in those destinations that do not make this mandatory.
  • For International travel, it is recommended that you always carry a hard copy of your contacts at destinations or hotels as this may be required.
  • In cases where one is on medication, please ensure sufficient re-stock before travel.
  • Keep contact information of your travel agent or next of kin in case of emergency.
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