Why Choose Us

There are many reasons that will make you partner with us but below we mention just a few.

1. Sustainable Travel.

At Kendirita Tours and Travel we understand that our business is not just about the profits that we make but also the people and the Planet we leave in. As we focus on our corporate culture of God first, the client is the King, Excellence, and passion in what we do, we want our existence to be beneficial to the people around us and to make the planet a better place for future generations. We contribute to building a sustainable tourism industry for our good.

2. One-stop Tours and Travel services.

We walk with you from the beginning of your journey to the end advising and offering you service in every step and aspect of your trip.

3. Solution Oriented.

We endeavor to be the solution that you need for all your travel needs whether personal, family, small groups, large groups or organizations.


We treat all your information with confidentiality. We uphold our motto of "Integrity in Travel" and ensure that client information is confidential.

5. International Affiliations.

We have several partners all over the world making our clients travel easy and flexible as they offer 24/7 assistance. This makes your travel cost effective, secure and convenience giving our clients a humble time away from home.

6. Frequent Flier Programs:

We enroll our clients on the Airlines' frequent flier programs for individuals, the company and family.

7. Client Travel Profile:

We create a traveler profile for all our clients so that we have all your travel details with us to avoid back and forth when it comes to sending the information to the airlines, getting your preferred seating, getting your preferred meals, getting your frequent flier programs and later doing the online check in.

8. Online Check in:

We do an advance online check in for all the tickets that we issue at least 24 hours before the travel date. This enables the traveler to get the preferred seat and get the boarding pass and baggage tag well before going to the airport.

9. Best Fare Guarantee.

Kendirita Tours and Travel has negotiated for the best fares in the market and offers you best itineraries to your final destinations.

10. Support Team available 24/7

With our years of experience in the industry, we have a good support team for you available 24 hours, 7 days in a week. You can reach us by calling, email or whats up even after office hours, Sundays and Holidays and a consultant will be available to offer you a solution to your request.

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