Solo Travel.

Travel trends are changing every day for various reasons and the travel that was not possible yesterday is happening today and travelers are enjoying themselves.  One of this trend is the Solo travel which range from young single travelers to mature single travelers , from Women solo travelers to Male solo travelers.  They are looking to explore the world and enjoy local travel interacting with the local people or choosing to have fun on their own, their own style. 

Knowing that you love adventure, new places to visit and new activities to venture in, choosing the right destination can be exhilarating and overwhelming and that is why you need to choose the right holiday agent or company to walk with you and select a perfect destination for your tour or holiday. Kendirita is your best Kenya travel agent and we are dedicated to do a background check and bring you verified destinations from any part of the world, we then put together tailor made tour package that will give you the best experience as a solo traveler and give you value for your money.

Solo travelers are incredibly brave and have a lot of courage to travel on their own to destinations away from their normal environment. Travelling solo sometimes is out of necessity and not choice and this may include travelling for work and you use that opportunity and extend your stay so as to enjoy some tours and explore the destination, secondly you could have a bucket list of your dream tours, activities or places to visit and none of your friends or family have time or money to accompany you.

These trend of travelling has become popular and now more with Women travelers. When travelling alone, you want to be sure of your security and receiving maximum tour experience,  Ampersand Travel, an agent based in UK launched Wander Women Index where they have ranked countries from all over the world on a variety of factors in order to assess where in the world is best for women solo travelers.  The factors they have checked are what women claimed were important to them when they were considering travelling alone. They included safety, women’s rights, culture, scenery, adventure, and ‘Instagrammability’.

As you travel solo, there are several things that you learn; Carrie Miller a New Zealand based tells what she has learned as a solo traveler in her article 6 things that Solo travel teaches you. Have a look

In this indexing, our beloved country Kenya comes in at position 40 with great beautiful scenery across the country for Instagram, wild life adventure safari, cultural tours, bush and beach tours among other experiences.  Japan taking the top spot, mainly because of its low crime levels, its extensive collection of natural assets including Mount Fuji, the Takachiho Gorge, and Jigokudani (Hell Valley). 

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