Travel Agency

Travel and Tours Companies play a critical role between the travelers and the suppliers. In the world today, the supplier policies are inconsistent and often changing so as to adapt to the new normal.

Hershberger, owner of Prestige Travel in Cincinnati, Ohio, and current ASTA chair of the board of directors said “booking travel has become exponentially more complex, even a simple business corporate airline reservation is no longer simple and the rules and situations are changing all of the time.”

More than ever before, the travelers want not only to know but understand and be sure of their safety before they start making plans for their travel and/or vacation. Things like, which airports they can transit through, the safety measures put in place, if there are any restrictions like quarantine, how long it takes, where they are quarantined. They want to understand the flexibility of their travel, in the event they cancel do they get refunds, can they travel on a later date, can they transfer the ticket to someone else. Because of this, a travel agent becomes critically important as the traveler is looking up to them for proper, informed travel advice.

For a long time, the main function of a travel agency has been selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier but it has gone a notch higher to be your travel advisorsTravel agents are not there just to sell to you travel packages but to offer their expertise in travel matters like air ticketing, train ticketing, hotel booking, travel insurance, airport transfers, advise on visas and health requirements and M.I.C.E. There are several travel agencies in Kenya, do not take the journey alone,it is the time to partner with the best Travel Company like Kendirita Tours and Travel based in Westlands, Nairobi so that you are not alone but you have an expert walking with you to give you an experience that is great, stress free and memorable.

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