Know Ethiopia 17 Days Tour

Know Ethiopia 17 Days Tour

This is a 17 days/16 night’s tour to Northern historic route, Danakil Depression, Omo Valley and Southern Ethiopia. The mode of transportation for this tour is Car & Flight.


Day 1: Arrival in Addis Ababa and depart to Mekele

On arrival at Addis Ababa, you will meet our representative and after some rest get into your connecting flight to Mekele. Once you arrive, you will be transferred to your hotel and have the afternoon at leisure.

be free in the afternoon preparing for Danakil Trip tomorrow.

Day 02: Hamdela, Hamed ela and Erta Ale.

On this day, you will go to Hamdela and later have Picnic lunch at Berhale where we will arrange the permits and police escort. You will then drive to the desert to Hamed Ela enjoying the camel and salt miner’s great view. You will arrive at Hamdela campsite in late afternoon then later drive to Dodom where we will arrange camels to transport your luggage and water, and then you will start hiking to the Erta Ale Volcanic hills (613 meters above sea level) which is 15km one way, and walk to see the volcanic eruption. The eruption is so colorful and spectacular.

At night, we will camp nearby the eruption, on the crater rim above the active lava lake.

Day 03: Dodom and back to Hamadela

Today, we you will be climbing again early in the morning to the rim to see the sun set. You will then ascend and drive to Hamadela. Late afternoon you will visit camel caravan then back to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 04: Dalol depression and back to Mekele

After early morning breakfast we’ll go to Dalol, visit the spa geology and to the Lake Asale the salty Lake and visit the salt workers and the merchant, then head to Dallol/Denakil Depression, which straddles the Eritrean border to the east of the Tigrian Highlands and is officially listed as the hottest and active place on the earth surface with an average temperature of 40 - 50 degrees Celsius. Most of this vast and unpopulated region lies below sea level at 116 Meters. Then drive back to Mekelle.

Day.05: Mekele - Axum and sightseeing

On this day you take an early morning drive to Axum and explores the city. Visit the interesting museum in stelae field, the impressive Stelae Fields and also the grounds of the 16th-century Cathedral of St. Mary of Zion, home of the original Ark of the Covenant, Queen of Sheba ruin palace and Tomb of Kaleb and Gebre Meskel at certain place will be dropped for souvenir and stretching your legs to the

Day 06: Axum -Simien Mountains

You need to be early today so that you have more time in Axum then drive to the jagged panorama of the Simien Mountains National Park, famed for its exclusive landscape, afro-alpine vegetation and unique wildlife, where you may spot the endemic Wallia Ibex, Gelada Baboon troops, Bushbuck, Klipspringer. However, as we stay for one night we will enjoy the dramatic scenery and a troop friendly Gelada Baboon at very close distance and Birds such as Chestnut-napped Francolin, Mountain Thrush, Thick-billed Raven, Lammergeyer, White-collared Pigeon and Ankober Serin just to name a few.

Day 07: Simien Mountain to Gonder and Sightseeing of Gondar Castle

Morning drive to Gonder and make sightseeing the Royal Enclosure that is surrounded by high stone walls containing the ruins of 17th century palaces of king Fasiladas, king Iyasu and queen Mentewab and different other buildings. The castles are a mixture of Ethiopian, European and probably Indian styles. According to descriptions of 17th century travelers, the interior of the castle of king Fasiladas was extremely luxurious, decorated with gold, ivory and precious stones. Also, visit Quisquam Mariyam and Debre Berhan Selassie Church meaning Trinity at the Mount of Light. It has rectangular structure and ceilings are decorated with beautiful winged angels, and its walls with impressive scenes depicting biblical events, including the life of Christ, Mary, and the saints and martyrs. There is also a painting of the church’s founder, Emperor Iyasu I.

Day. 08: Fly to Gonder to Lalibela & visit Lalibela Rock hewn churches

On this day, take a morning flight to Lalibela and excursion to visit the first group of the magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela which are carved out of living volcanic tuff with super architectural skill that the world has never seen, yet elsewhere. UNESCO registers these churches as world heritage. Among churches of this group Bete Medahine Alem (house of the redeemer) is the largest with 5 aisles, 72 pillars, vaulted dome and molding decoration. Bete Mariam (house of St. Marry) is the most decorated among the rock hewn churches. Back to the hotel for lunch and after noon visit the second group of the rock-hewn churches; Bete Emanuel (house of Emanuel) is architecturally the finest. Bete Giorgis (the house of George) is the finest of all the churches in Lalibela for which reason art historians conclude that this church is carved at the end of the cluster, after the masons have developed their skill to carve the church in such extraordinary perfection.

Day.09: Fly to Addis and connection flight to Jinka

Today we take flight to Addis and then connecting to Jinka. In Jinka, you will then visit South Omo Research Centre Museum which is dedicated to preserving certain aspects of traditional tribal life in the Omo Valley. Chronicling the transformation of the tribes, the museum exhibits a number of tools and clothing items in its hall

Day. 10: Excursion to Mursi village drive to Karo- Turmi

Early morning excursion to Mursi tribes village. Mursi tribes is the most famous tradition includes the lip plate worn by the women. The origin of this tradition is not known but the Mursi themselves consider it as something that makes them distinguish from the surrounding tribes. And depending up on time possibility visit Karo village for the visit of Karo tribes with their interesting body decorations and scarification Then drive to Turmi.

Day. 11: Excursion to Omorate

Going to Omorate to visit the Dasenach tribes across the Omo river by wooden local boat then come back to Turmi in the afternoon to visit the nearby hammer tribe village, also possibility to see special occasion ceremonies like wedding and ritual.

Day. 12: Drive back to konso Via Dimka Tuesday Market

Morning drive to Dimeka to attend the Tuesday market which attracts neighboring tribes from the area like Hammer, Karo and sometimes Dassanech, then drive to Konso on the way visit Arbore village and drive continue to Konso tribe village. The king village is very interesting and you will be meeting the king personally and he will also explain about Konso tribes social life system and all cultures.

Day.13: Boat trip on Lake Chamo and Excursion to Dorze Village

Morning after breakfast drive to Arbaminch to make a boat trip on Lake Chamo where the longest and fattest crocodiles of Africa take a sunbath on the shores. Hippos hide themselves under the water and you will see also colonies of the afternoon Excursion to Dorze people on their very interesting cultures are their houses built from bamboo way of life and cultivation of the false banana (from which they extract their local bread, called Kotcho)

Day 14: Drive to Addis via Tiya

Early morning after breakfast drives back to Addis and depending up on time en route you can visit Tiya Stelae, Melka Kuntre are world heritage sites. Then back to Addis Ababa.

Day 15: Drive to Harar via Awash National Park

In the morning via Awash National park drive to Harar which is the eastern part of Ethiopia known for being origin for the Ethiopian first grade coffee and old historical tourist attraction site for its unique old round wall built at early of 15th century by the governor of Harar, Harar is also known to be the 3rd holly pilgrimage centre for the Muslim religion follower.

Day 16: (Jan.19/2019) Full day Sight Seeing of Harar City

Morning after breakfast full day in Harar for the visit of Harar sightseeing, the Harari museum, Rainbow house, surrounding of the old wall and old village and market inside the wall. Evening Hyena man show.

Day 17: Fly back to Addis Ababa

In the morning after breakfast drive to Dire Dawa depending up on time visit Dire Dawa Market-Kafira Market and transfer to airport to fly back to Addis. In the afternoon after lunch city tour in Addis. The sightseeing includes the national museum (where you can see the Lucy fossil skeleton found) the Ethnological museum, Trinity cathedral church, Entoto hills. Finally Evening fair well dinner and transfer to airport to fly back home.

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