Health & Wellness Spa Tours

Health & Wellness Spa Tours

As you plan your relaxing trips, you may want to include that one thing that you never think about often, SalusPerAquam, or commonly known for its acronym “SPA,” which means “health through water”. With our day today duties, seeing thousands of people and experiencing different moments can get tiring after some time. We understand that you may need to simply disconnect, relax and recharge and that is why we have suggested a few escape destinations to help you achieve just that.

1. EntimSidai Wellness Sanctuary

It is located on Rura Drive off Tree Lane in the heart of Karen. The sanctuary is set on the property that formerly belonged to the Pattersona Church Missionary Medical Doctor who acquired this home in 1923 when it sat on 80 Acres of land.There is a clear view of the Ngong hills from the property plus the environment here which is enough to carry your troubles away.

This is what Sidai has in store for you the tension easing massages, facials and spa treatments. Their packages include Yoga, Natural walks, couples escape package, book reading, a moment with self-packages just to name a few.

2. Olkaria Geothermal Spa

The KenGen Olkaria Geothermal Spa is located inside Hells Gate National Park; it is the largest natural Spa in Africa. The Geothermal Spa offers a bouquet of adventure, spice comfort, luxury and true Africa hospitality.

The first thing that catches your attention as you walk towards the poolside is the breath-taking view of the expansive main pool with the hills and towers of steam that seems to fuse with the clouds in the background. The adult pool is massive youwould think it is a mini-lake in fact It is impossible not to forget your troubles once you immerse yourself in these waters. There is baby pool and playground equipment for the young ones and you therefore need not to worry if you have children.

The Olkaria Spa is nothing short of a gift from heaven and Mother Nature herself. Imagine sitting in a swimming pool that is kept constantly warm thanks to the continuous volcanic activities occurring underground. The vapor from the hot springs and geysers are enough to give your skin a fresh feel as the oil and dirt get to be rinsed off.

3. Sarova Woodlands Spa Nakuru

It is located off the Nakuru-Nairobi highway; the spa gives you an easily accessible escape from the city activities. Although there are no forests, the facility is still set up in one of the prestigious estates of the city where disturbance is guaranteed to be absent. The best part is that the Spa is part of the Hotel so you can enjoy a chilled drink or a bowl of fruits as the pores on your skin get to breathe and pulls and spasms in your muscles get undone.

4. Morjana Spa

The spa is part of Ocean Beach ResortMalindi, it is just an added bonus to the beautiful white sand beaches that litter the coastline of this small town. Itfeatures specialty and tailored multisensory treatments that provides spa-goers with invigorating experiences, cleansing facials, rejuvenating body massages, Turkish bath, sauna and well-deserved mani-pedis.

Made of okoumé wood, the warm and comfortable environment ensures that spa-goers are always in the ideal climate condition, allowing their bodies to optimize the benefits from each treatment.

You can enjoy and most of all, just quiet time away from the noise and chaos of the world.

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