The Cradle of Mankind Safari

The Cradle of Mankind Safari


This is a 7 days/6 night's safari that takes you to one of the Rift valley lakes in Turkana County. On this safari you will enjoy the scenery and the activities at Lake Turkana and visit the area where the first human was discovered. You will crown the safari with a trip to Saiwa swamp and Mt. Elgon National Park.

Day 1: Nairobi-Lodwar

On arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will be met by our representative who will give you a briefing of the safari and then transfer you to Wilson Airport for your local flight to Lodwar. On at the airstrip,you will be met by our representative and drive to Lobolo Camp on the shores of Lake Turkana.

You will have lunch then the rest of the afternoon at leisure enjoying the scenery, the culture and the Turkana people.

You will havelunch and enjoy the rest of the evening at leisure.


Day 2: Camp-Sibiloi National Park

After breakfast, we will visit a Turkana village for cultural experience which includes dances. You will return to the camp for an early lunch then depart by boat for approximately 4hours to Koobi Fora Study Centre in Sibiloi National Park.

You will be expected in the Banda in good time for dinner and have the rest of the evening at leisure.

Day 3: Sibiloi - Koobi Fora

After breakfast depart by vehicle, and with Koobi Fora field guide, to visit the Koobi Fora museum, the famous fossils excavation sites. The fossils include: the fossils of a big-tusked behemoth of a predecessor of today's Elephant; giant tortoise; fish sites.

Return to the banda in time for lunch and immediately depart for a game drive within the Sibiloi National where you will see terrestrial wildlife includes zebras, Grant gazelles, lions, leopards, stripped hyenas, Beisa Oryx, greater kudu, cheetahs and northern topi among others

Expected in good time at the banda for dinner and have the rest of the evenings at leisure.


Day 4: CAMP Sibiloi National Park-Crator Lake-Lobolo

Today after breakfast, we will depart by boat for approximately 2 hours to the Gem of Lake Turkana refered to as the Central Island National Park. This park was gazette as a UNESCO – world heritage site. On arrival, we will walk up to Flamingo Lake, then to the crocodile lake and finally to the Tilapia Lake.

The central Island National park is located at the middle of Lake Turkana. There are three crater lakes on this Island namely:- Crocodile Lake which provide breeding grounds for the world's largest concentration of Nile crocodiles; Flamingo Lake which provides breeding ground for the flamingoes and other birds and Tilapia Lake Crocodile Kingdom.

Other attractions in the Park include:The world's largest crocodile nursery, Venomous reptiles and prehistoric fish, Turkana is home to some of the world's most venomous reptiles, including saw-scaled viper, night and puff adder and cobra. There are also many species of fish including huge Nile perch and large tilapia. Puffer fish, a group normally found in seawater, indicate Turkana's prehistoric connection to the Red Sea; Abundant birdlife The islands are home to a profusion of birdlife, including 34 species of European migrants most spectacularly viewed as they return home between March and May. At least 23 species breed here, including Goliath heron, and African skimmer, while African open-billed stork, Duck and Gulls feed on the shores and the volcanic island lakes attract lesser flamingos.

We will later board our boat and head back to the camp at the shores of Lake Turkana where we are expected to arrive in good time for dinner and enjoy Turkana cultural dance.


Day 5: Lodwar-Eldret

On this day, after breakfast you will be transferred to the air strip for your flight back to Eldoret. On arrival you will be met by representative and drive for about 1.30 hrs to Kitale. You will arrive in good time for lunch and immediately depart the Sanctuary of the Sitatunga antelope in Saiwa swamp National Park.

The park is the smallest in Kenya with only 2.9 squire kms. It is home to the rare and endangered semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope and as a preserve for the rare De Brazza's monkey. In this park you will also see other attractions like Bird Watching including Water birds like- the lesser jacana, grey heron and African black duck-, the forest shelters like the Narina trogons which is one of Kenya's most spectacular forest birds. Plants like Kenya's loveliest terrestrial orchids. Insects like dragonflies and damselflies .Butterflies include swallowtails and charaxes. The African mocker swallowtail. Reptiles and Amphibians frogs and toads, Bell's hinged tortoise, a forest-dwelling species, the blue-headed tree agama lizard is. Snakes include the forest cobra and African rock python and stripped chameleon.

On your way back you can visit the Kitale Nature Conservancy and the Kitale Museum to see and enjoy the Luhyia culture. You will be back to the hotel in good time for dinner and have the rest of the evening at leisure.

Day 6: Kitale - Mt Elgon National Park

Today after breakfast we will embark on yet another day full of adventure armed with our packed lunch to the Untamed Wilderness, Secluded Splendor of Mt. Elgon National Park. You will have your lunch at a picknick site and proceed with your adventure.

The attractions in this park include the Mount Elgon which is the second largest mountain in Kenya after Mount Kenya. Other attractions include: Caves formed from ancient lava tubes, the caves are namely Kitum, Making'eny, Chepnyalil ,Ngwarisha and many others some of which are outside the park; Salt-Mining Elephants of Kitum Cave, this Cave is regularly visited by herds of elephants, bushbuck, Red Duiker, Grey Duiker and buffalo, all in search of the salts that abound in the mineral-rich earth of the caves; Spectacular Making'eny Cave' water fall which is located 1.5km from Kitum cave.

You are expected to return to the hotel in good time for dinner and have the rest of the evening at leisure.


Day 7: Kitale - Nairobi

On this after breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Nairobi.

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