The Bomas of Kenya Tour

The Bomas of Kenya Tour


Bomas is a Swahili word for homesteads. Kenya is a nation rich in culture because of the many tribes within this nation. The culture is being threatened by increasing modernityand that is why the Bomas of Kenya was established as a touristic attraction by the government of Kenya in 1971. The main aim was to displaytraditional villages belonging to the several Kenyan tribes. It also wanted to preserve, maintain and promote the rich and diverse cultural values of various tribal groups of Kenya.

Other than a series of tribal cultural shows the government has featured virtually all of the 42 tribes in the country, coming together from diverse cultural backgrounds.There are replica homesteads of different tribes built in the compound where visitors can visit after the show. The greatest excitement is the display of traditional dances, music, and songs being performed in a splendid area.


You will be picked at 0800 hrs and drive all the way, to enjoy your day here and later be driven back to the location of your choice.

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