Want a challenge?  What about a Dare!

Explorers and Adventure seekers are flocking the north recently and the reason is amazing. Northern Kenya has lots to offer. With new adventures and a different feel,  the North is turning the tourism industry as a must go to place.

Millennials are changing the tourism perspective in Kenya to a whole new direction. The quest to new adventures and discovery of new sites and places has made the shift from the normal Mombasa and Maasai Mara to the Nothern Quest. For long we have been fixated on the Mara and the Coast that we are blinded from looking out and discovering Kenya’s best gems.

Samburu, Loiyangalani and Marsabit are the fast coming up new places for youngsters and Millennials. A quick weekend away from the busy Nairobi life is the Marsabit road trip. Reason being the newly built Marsabit Highway has lots to offer. From the fog-covered mountains to the most beautiful road scenery this has become the ideal get-away. As if that’s not enough you get to meet Carmel herders in search of lost oasis and the towns along the route. On arrival to Marsabit town get to visit the beautiful Lake Paradise and Marsabit National park, come evening  catch a glimpse of animals coming out for an evening drink.

Chalbi desert is a gem to be explored as one can embark on a desert cruise to North Horr for a breath taking oasis at the edge of the desert. Get to have a drive through the rocky desert with a view and at the same time an adventurous drive. Enjoy the beauty and spend the night doing some star gazing.

Heading to Loiyangalani get to see the Turkana wind farm and meet the famous El molo people living on the shores of Lake Turkana and are 90% dependant on the Lake for Survival. Seeking for adventures get to visit the southern Island by boat. An evening Sundowner on the lake is the ideal way to end the day.

A Tempting Dare , Is it?. Get in touch today https://bit.ly/2CFhX4j for a safari to the north.

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