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As the world welcomed the new year 2024, January 1st also signaled a new dawn for Kenyans and her visitors. You can now travel to Kenya Visa-Free. Kenya’s President Ruto made this historic announcement during the country’s 60th Jamhuri Day celebrations held at the Uhuru Gardens on December 12th, 2023.

This landmark declaration is in line with the President’s vision for a borderless Africa. A move that has been echoed by other African leaders, with Rwanda also having announced visa-free travel for all Africans. This move aims to aid ease of travel within the continent, expanding its economies.

In place of a visa, Kenya will implement a new digital platform; an Electronic Travel Advisory (ETA) that will ensure that travelers are vetted and identified way in advance. At the time of writing, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority had issued a statement 2nd January 2024 stating that the ETA is still in development, until such a time when the changes will take effect, the usual visa process would still apply.

So as the country prepares to make this directive a reality, in this article, Kendirita Tours sheds some light on what visa-free travel to Kenya would mean for our travelers.

Benefits for Travelers:


Simplified Entry Process:

  • No visa application and processing time: Travelers can enter the country without the need for a visa, saving time and effort.
  • Reduced paperwork: Without the visa requirement, visitors typically face less paperwork and administrative hassles at the entry point.

Cost Cutting

  • Visa fees: Travelers can avoid the expense of visa application fees, which can vary in amount depending on the country and type of visa.
  • Time and effort: The process of obtaining a visa may involve additional costs such as travel to visa application centers, document authentication, and other related expenses. All these could now be eliminated by this directive.

Spontaneity and Flexibility

  • Last-minute travel: Visa-free access allows for more spontaneous travel decisions, as visitors can plan trips on short notice without waiting for visa approvals.
  • Flexibility in travel plans: Tourists can also change their travel itinerary more easily without being restricted by visa validity periods.

Tourist-Friendly Policies


Visa-free policies demonstrate a country’s openness and friendliness towards tourists. Kenya has always been and continues to be a welcoming nation to all its guests. As the president stated in his address, “Kenya has a simple message to humanity: Welcome Home!”

In closing, Kenya stands as the cradle of mankind, extending a warm welcome to all. At Kendirita, we are dedicated to transforming the rest of your journey into an unforgettable experience. Seize this opportunity now to embark on a visa-free adventure to Kenya and discover firsthand what seamless travel truly feels like. Happy New Year!

Writer: Winnie Wekesa

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