A Hot Air Balloon Safari at the Masai Mara

The Masai Mara continues to be a gift that keeps on giving. This game reserve covers an expansive 1500 square kilometers of vast savannah grasslands. One of the best Safari destinations in Africa, the Mara is also home to the big five and famous for its annual great migration. A natural wonder of the world.

Every year, in the summer, millions of wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, and giraffes attempt to cross the vast plains of East Africa in search of pasture and water. The crossing of the Mara River is the most dramatic of the migration. Here, the animals face the risk of crocodile attacks and even drowning. A true ‘survival of the fittest’ moment in action and a magnificent sight to behold!

Kenya attracts millions of visitors each year, most of whom, make it a return trip. The game drives alone are exciting and beautiful, always offering something wildly breathtaking. But what you should really try out is a hot air balloon flight across the vast plains of the Masai Mara.

Here’s why:

Launch at Dawn

There are very few reasons why anyone should wake up at dawn while on vacation. And even fewer good reasons, luckily going on a hot air balloon at the Mara is a great reason for that early rise. The flight is launched at the crack of dawn way before the sun shows up on the horizon.

Early morning is preferred as the weather is easily predictable and calm. The cold air also provides a good contrast to the warm air inside the balloon allowing for an easy ascent.

To top it off, most animals are usually active at dawn, looking to catch a meal before the sun starts to scorch the plains. Elephant herds in particular are known to drink along the river banks in the quiet of dawn.

What makes the launch even more exciting is that you get to watch as the pilots and the ground crew set up the balloon for launch, and if you’d like, they sometimes let you help.

Sunrise over The Mara

A sunrise over the savannah is breathtaking on the ground but once you are airborne, there is nothing quite like it. During your hour-long flight, you will witness the African savannah awakening with the first light of dawn.

The horizon is painted with hues of soft pink, orange, and gold with the still air carrying only a gentle chill. One of the best sunrises you will ever see.

Bird’s Eye View

bird watching

The pinnacle of a hot air balloon safari has to be the elevation that allows you to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Masai Mara. All around you for kilometers, you will see the expansive savannah as it extends before you.

Perhaps you’ll get to see a cheetah hiding on an acacia, scouting for a hunt, or a pride of lions feasting on a fresh kill. If you travel in the summer, you might just witness the great migration above ground! It is a truly unforgettable experience, one that should be on your bucket list.

Silence and Serenity

maasai mara

Our guests at Kendirita Tours, have noted much to their surprise, that the silence up there was not only unexpected but also much-needed. As you rise and rise above the plains of Mara, usual sounds start to fade away culminating in profound silence.

And as you continue to soar, you will find yourself completely taken by it. This flight offers you a moment of awe and reflection over the true beauty of the African wildlife, her rivers, and the vast savannah around you.

Try this flight for yourself. It will not leave you unchanged.

Writer: Winnie Wekesa.

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